Bonjour Surveys & Inspections Ltd

Lusaka, Zambia

A fast growing cargo survey and inspection company in Zambia, Bonjour Surveys & Inspections has a service delivery plan suitable for most clients in the commodity trading and commodity financing industries. Services offered include product quality and quantity verification as well as controls, sampling of commodities, laboratory analysis of warehouse commodities, general warehouse management, custodial services (warehousing and collateral management), stock auditing, warehouse inspection for risk assessment, aid monitoring, loss adjustment survey of insured commodities and pre-shipment inspections.
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Bonjour Surveys & Inspections offers professional damage assessment services of equipment, vehicles, household goods, building materials and more. Their team will also work with you to establish the causes of damage and provide recommendations for repairs through comprehensive damage assessment.
Bonjour Surveys & Inspections can be engaged to monitor the receiving and dispatch of your goods at storage warehouses or transit warehouses. Their team will supervise the movement of goods between warehouses, do spot checks to verify stock balances and more.
Use Bonjour Surveys & Inspections for quality and quantity verification as well as the operation of controls that involve tallying, weighing, quality packaging and markings verification for conformity with contractual or set standards. The company only employs qualified professionals with the highest standard of integrity and commitment to provide a level of customer service satisfactory for their clients.
Bonjour Surveys and Inspections Ltd got its name from a French greeting “Bonjour”, a gesture of love. Valentine’s Day is a special day for people to take time out to express love to one another. That’s why...

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Bonjour Surveys and inspections Ltd is the fastest growing Survey and Inspection Company based in Zambia. We wish to announce a vacancy to the general public. We are inviting applications from suitable...
Bonjour Surveys & Inspections Ltd are inviting bids for the sale of 1200×50 kg Parboiled rice imported from India. The highest bidder takes as many bags as he pleases, while other bidders will choose after...

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