Insurance loss assessment

Bonjour Surveys & Inspections offers professional damage assessment services of equipment, vehicles, household goods, building materials and more. Their team will also work with you to establish the causes of damage and provide recommendations for repairs through comprehensive damage assessment.
Accurate and on-demand assessment of property damage
Recommendations for repairs or replacements
Time saving for claims managers
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Since its inception, Bonjour Surveys & Inspections has done many insurance loss assessments. They provide both consulting expertise and expert services on matters related to coverage for damages (cost) claims.

With experienced personnel, Bonjour Surveys & Inspections is able help you assess the level of damage to your property and make it easy for you to make an insurance claim. Their staff constantly undergoes training to maintain the level of expertise required to perform efficiently and with the utmost accuracy.

Other services

Custodial service – Here Bonjour Surveys & Inspections provides a collateral management service to traders and industry on behalf of banks. They have a working relationship with most of the major banks in Zambia. As part of this service, Bonjour provide warehousing and storage management, offering customers the benefit of independent and professional handling of the goods in storage.


Stock management and auditing

Bonjour Surveys & Inspections can be engaged to monitor the receiving and dispatch of your goods at storage warehouses or transit warehouses. Their team will supervise the movement of goods between warehouses, do spot checks to verify stock balances and more.
Monitors the receiving and dispatch of your goods
Carries out spot checks to verify stock balances and more
Team is professionally trained to handle stock control functions
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Bonjour Surveys & Inspections has built a reputation for high standards of accuracy, integrity and impartiality. The company is proud to have earned the confidence of their clients. The Bonjour team is professionally trained to handle inspections and stock control functions.

Bonjour Surveys & Inspections' target clients are international aid organisations, governments, trading companies, the industry, exporters and importers. This company is committed to providing its clients with services using its network, expertise, neutrality and independence.

Commodity quality assurance

Use Bonjour Surveys & Inspections for quality and quantity verification as well as the operation of controls that involve tallying, weighing, quality packaging and markings verification for conformity with contractual or set standards. The company only employs qualified professionals with the highest standard of integrity and commitment to provide a level of customer service satisfactory for their clients.
Quality and quantity verification as well as operation of controls
Customised quality assurance programmes that best suit your business
A dedicated team of qualified professionals and technical staff
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Bonjour Surveys & Inspections' commodity quality assurance services include physical, safety and compositional checks on various warehouse commodities such as grains, fertilisers and edible oils.

The company seeks to help companies in the food and agricultural production industry to meet the highest quality and safety standards. Since all companies are unique, Bonjour Surveys & Inspections' range of services are customised to the exact and unique needs of each client.

Inspection services - quality assurance

  • Compliance audits of a facility
  • Sampling
  • Sample packaging
  • Basic grain grading
  • Re-bagging and sieving

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